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Pucara Pisco was influenced by the experiences in Perú in 2016. I travelled to the country of my wife for the very first time. Her family embraced me, sharing with me their culture, their food and of course the famous Pisco Sour, the national drink of Perú. From that moment I grew to love the Peruvian people and wanted to learn and experience more of their culture.


The Pucara Pisco name was inspired by the bulls of Pucara (or ‘Torito de Pucara’); a symbol of protection and happiness, as well as an Andean symbol of unity and good luck. The animal has supported their growth and development throughout history, and now as a sign of respect, these small animals serve as a visual reminder of the history and power of the bull in the Incan culture.


The more I experienced this culture the more I wanted to share my knowledge of Perú and their national drink back home in Australia. Over the years we have developed an understanding of the process of creating Pisco, and in 2019 we partnered with a special distiller in Ica, Perú, to help us bring Pucara Pisco to life. Our Australian company collaborated with one of the pioneers of the wine industry in the Ica Valley, Perú. This special distillery is led by the famous Pisco teacher Juanita Martinez de Gonzales, recognised as "La Dama Del Pisco" who prints her personal stamp of tradition and careful care in each of our Piscos, her unique recipe has been used for over 160 years, and only using the finest grapes. We hope this product that we have created allows you to truly experience the essence of Perú and the culture of these colourful people.  

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