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Romp in the Sand

A twist from the traditional Pisco Sour, this magical cocktail was created by the people from Fishbank Restaurant Adelaide. A delicious tropical taste combinnig Pisco Quebranta, coconut rum and passionfruit to deliver a mouth watering experience.


-40ml Pucara Pisco Quebranta
-20ml Coconut Rum
-25ml Fresh lime juice
-15ml Sugar syrup
-10ml Passionfruit puree
-15ml Egg white


1. Add all ingredients to your boston glass
2. Dry shake all ingredients with the egg white so it combines easier
3. Fill boston glass with ice
4. Add remaining ingredients and shake for 10-15 seconds
5. Garnish rim of the glass with shredded coconut
6. Strain into a wine glass

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